Regular / Stock Maintenance :


* VAG-PRO 901



~~>  Brake, suspension, exhaust and powertrain service.


~~>  Manual transmission rebuilding (020, 02A, 02C, 02J).


~~>  Engine rebuilding, VR6 specialist.


~~>  Electrical diagnosis and repairs


~~>  Tire installation and balancing



We carry a wide variety of after market parts and genuine parts for your vehicle.


We also have many used parts available.

Syncro system specialist.


Vanagon service / conversions.

***  Rune Mitchell  ***

is an inter-provincially licensed automotive technician.


Custom Work :





~~>  Syncro conversions.


~~>  Engine conversions for 2wd and syncros (16v, 1.8T, G60, VR6).


~~>  Diesel / TDi conversions.


~~>  Custom stainless exhausts.


~~>  Suspension upgrades; Bilstein, H&R, Neuspeed.


~~>  Brake upgrades & factory upgrades.


Want a reliable Rabbit? We're installing Eurowise VR6 mount kits now! Fits all MK1 chassis . (R/S/Cab/pick-up) .Turn-key emissions legal power .

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